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1. Navstok.  Foil Design Software

Foilchemy has its own simulation software; Navstok.

Our Software has two main blocks.

1. Geometry Definition & VPP

Based on highly evolved lifting line, wave dynamics, wake, hydrodynamic interferences and free surface influence physical models, we can test and optimize different configurations of foils for a given hull design.

Therefore, we can compare in minutes several geometries and estimate, in seconds:

  • VPP / Flying Envelope. Course, flight heights and speed for different wind speeds.
  • Equilibrium Conditions. Skipper position, boom, rudder and foil angles for each equilibrium point.
  • Dynamic Performance. We can estimate the passive stability of the boat. We can analyze if the hull touches the waves or the foils come out of the water.
  • Loads. Load distribution for sails, keels, rudders and foils.
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2. Foil Simulator

Based on quasi-stationary hydro-aerodynamics and traditional mechanics model, we’ve programmed a simulator that can be adapted for any  foiling boat, engine or sail. For example, in the case of a sailing dinghy, we can test the performance under different scenarios. By performance we mean:

  • 6 position coordinates. Global coordinates (X, Y, Z) and Euler Angles.
  • Boat vs water. We can estimate if the hull will touch the water or the foils will go out of the water
  • Loads. We can estimate the loads for whatever point in time.
  • Energy. We can estimate the energy consumption of engines and actuators.
  • Accelerations. The skipper’s acceleration in turns, tacks, landings, etc.

By different scenarios we mean:

  • Wind & Sea Conditions. Define by user or load official met-oceanic data from different world spots.
  • Skipper Control law. Skipper position, boom, rudder and boom angle
  • Foil Control Algorithm. We can test different control algorithms. Currently we have developed controls for:
    • Take-Off and Landing
    • Flat Sea Sailing
    • Wave Sailing
    • Tacks and Abrupt Coarse Changes
    • Emergency Cases
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2. AIRY. Foil Control System

It’s all about control. No control…no foiling.

Foilers which are able to cope with heavy sea conditions are very unstable,  it’s very complex to fly them without an assisted control.

Our Airy Foil Control System makes us unique. Foilchemy can implement, for any foiling boat, a control system that will enable the boat to sail with harsh weather conditions, including high amplitude & frequency waves.

Our control system, is based on several sensors which enables the embedded computer to identify the sailing environment and boat positioning. Once the system identifies both, it orders the foils to move so that the hull never touches the water nor the foils come out of the water. No matter if the waves are crossed, against or in the same direction as the sailing direction.

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